Luxury High Back Rocking Chairs

Enjoy your movie experience in one of our luxurious high back rocking chairs.  Never sit in an uncomfortable seat at the theater again!

Free Refills

Get FREE refills complete with flavor infusions of your choosing from one of our all new Pepsi Touchpoint dispensers!

100% Digital Projection and Sound

Feel like you are right in the action thanks to the unparalleled quality of our top of the line digital projection and sound equipment!

TRX Premium Large Format Auditorium

Experience the movies like never before with our all new, exclusive TRX Premium Large Format theater.

Wall to Wall Screens

Don’t settle for distractions in your theaters.  Our screens go from wall to wall to ensure you get the most out of your movie going experience!

Weekly Discounts and Specials

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have the ultimate movie experience.  Our weekly specials and discounts will make sure everyone can enjoy the movies without breaking the bank.