What is TRX?

When you see this red TRX by a showtime, it designates a showtime presented in TRX.

TRX, or Two Rivers Extreme
Like IMAX, RPX or BigD, TRX is our own brand of premium large format experience. A premium auditorium with a large format screen, enhanced sound and luxury seating.

Giant Premium Large Format Screen
Get right in to the action with the even more larger than life images our TRX Premium Large Format screen gives you. We had to build a room over 4 stories tall just to house this massive screen!

Fully Digital 7.1 Surround Sound
Our state of the art 7.1 digital surround sound are sure to provide the most immersive, most complete movie viewing experience.

Luxury High Back Rocking Chairs
Our TRX auditorium offers premium, extra wide high back rocking chairs for the ultimate comfort.

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